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At Pawaka Labs, we’re not just another software company – we’re the architects of efficiency, the pioneers of productivity, and the creators of seamless workflows.

With a relentless focus on research and development, we are dedicated to crafting cutting-edge solutions that redefine how individuals and businesses interact with technology.

Our Products

Skrin – Web-based Screen Recording

A screen recorder that utilised the browser 100%. No Internet connection needed after initial load.

Borang – Spam Google Form Like a Champ

A chrome extension for submitting multiple responses to Google Form with one click. Suitable for collecting respondents for survey, voting for your favorite anime character in a poll and generating dummy data for your data science project.

Tukar – Image Converter & Background Remover

Transform your image editing experience with our innovative Chrome extension. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual background removal and format conversion. With our tool, effortlessly convert between various image formats while conveniently removing backgrounds with just a click.

Sementara – Temporary File Sharing System

Share file temporarily with your friends, family or with your other devices. Powered by QR code.

Pendek – URL Shortener

Shorten your URL with Pendek

“Very useful extension, it can create as many responses as you want with a question, it does the job very well. Thank you for making this extension!”

Puya008 | Borang Chrome Extension Review


“this is pretty neat. it will surely remove backgrounds within seconds. i like it!!”

Amber Riego | Tukar Chrome Extension Review


Why Use Our Tools

Easy to use

Our productivity tools simplify difficult processes and give priority to the user experience.

Available Everywhere

Our tools are web-based and can be used on PC, laptop, tablet, phone, smart watch and even smart fridge.


Got problem? Just reach out to our support through email or our Discord server.

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